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Table 3 Completion and correction of completion rates of mental health service indicators

From: Evaluation of a new set of indicators for mental health care implemented in Madhya Pradesh, India: a mixed methods study

CriteriaNumber of patients diagnosed with three priority disorders, n (%)Number of patients where the diagnoses was confirmed by a psychiatrist, exact diagnosis, n (%)Severity, n (%)Treatment administered (either psychological or pharmaceutical treatments), n (%)Referral, n (%)Follow up, n (%) 
Completion in the new formats 
N = 61
61 (100)49 (80.0)61 (100)60 (98.0)2(100)a41 (100.0) 
N = 74
65 (87.8)63 (85.1)29 (39.1)65 (87.8)4 (100)a3 (100.0) 
CriteriaTime pointDiagnosisExact diagnosisSeverityTreatment administeredReferralFollow up
Correctness of completionT160 (98.0)46 (94.0)60 (98.0)42 (70.0)2 (100)a41 (100)
T264 (98.4)55 (87.3)29 (100)64 (98.4)4 (100)a3 (100)
Data quality issueT11 (partially written)3 (illogical)1 (Illegible)18 (illogical 8, partially complete 9, Illegible 1)00
T21 (partially written)8 (partially complete)01 (Illegible)00
  1. aThe response options and the denominators for these items were different from the other items, these are therefore not included in the summarised results