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Participation in mental healthcare: a qualitative meta-synthesis

"This meta-synthesis demonstrates that service user participation in mental healthcare remains a policy aspiration, which generally has not been translated into clinical practice. The continued lack of impact on policy on the delivery of mental healthcare suggests that change may have to be community driven. Systemic service user advocacy groups could contribute critically to promoting authentic service user participation in the co-production of mental health services."

Interventions to increase use of services; Mental Health Awareness in Nigeria

"Mental health services in Nigeria consists mainly of large government psychiatric hospitals and there are very few mental health professionals to serve the large population of the country. However, more recently, community mental health services, which have been shown to improve access to care and clinical outcomes are beginning to develop in some locations.... Therefore interventions to increase service use are an essential component of health system. "


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Participation in mental healthcare: a qualitative meta-synthesis

Norman J. Stomski and Paul Morrison

International Journal of Mental Health Systems 2017 11:67

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Global Mental Health and Development
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