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Table 4 Approaches and mechanisms for successful service delivery

From: Barriers and drivers to service delivery in global mental health projects

Themes Key recommendations
Fragmented and poor care pathways Integrate awareness-raising efforts as part of routine mental health service delivery
Contextual and cultural adaptability Invest in system strengthening to improve coordination between different levels of providers
Invest in participatory formative research to better understand context and need
Lack of mental health human resources Engage with key stakeholders from the initial stages of project design through to delivery to increase investment and uptake
Utilize existing community resources, stepped-care approaches and task-sharing with non-specialist providers
Measurement and detection Allocate funding towards developing measures that are easily adapted to different (low-income) settings
Build capacity within local implementing agencies to carry out formative research on the validity and reliability of screening tools
Fidelity in the intervention protocol Invest in feasibility and appropriateness studies prior to implementation
Build an iterative design and feedback into delivery mechanisms to integrate key learnings for continued contextual adaptation