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Table 8 Advocacy programs

From: Review of Australian initiatives to reduce stigma towards people with complex mental illness: what exists and what works?

Program name Organisation Type of mental illness Advocacy description Anti-stigma component Lived experience involvement Where provided Duration Funding Level of evidencea
- Lived Experience Australia Mental illness (non-specific) Active participation in multiple high-level steering committees/working groups/submissions in the capacity as recognised people with a lived experience of mental illness Aim to reduce stigma making us the face of mental illness so people can see that mental illness is a diagnosis not who we are. No different from any other diagnosis, and that we can lead normal lives and contribute to society in a meaningful way Organisation comprises people with lived experience as consumers and carers Australia-wide 2–5 years Volunteer, some funding from Mind Aust and RANZCP SA Trainees fund 1
Mental Health and Wellbeing Consumer Advisory Group Being Mental illness (non-specific) Being promotes consumer issues widely within the mental health sector as well as within the public arena. Uses media releases that are responses to current community interests that promote understanding and acceptance of people with mental health issues Being seeks understandings from consumers regarding their experiences of care, treatment and recovery, and seeks these opportunities to acknowledge the impact of stigma and discrimination as a personal experience as well as at a systemic state-wide level 100% of employees have LE. Consultation sessions are also conducted with consumers NSW More than 10 years State gov 1
StigmaWatch SANE Australia Mental illness (non-specific), Bipolar disorder, Personality disorders, Psychosis, Schizophrenia, suicide, Eating Disorders Ensures media outlets report safely and accurately on mental ill-health and suicide. If media coverage is found to breach Mindframe media reporting guidelines, StigmaWatch will contact the media outlet involved with constructive feedback and advice. StigmaWatch also highlights good, quality media stories that feature positive media portrayals. If the media do not remedy problematic reporting, we may report to the Press Council or take public action (e.g. media statements, letters to the editor etc.) Aims to reduce the frequency and impact of stigmatising reporting in the Australian media StigmaWatch has a long history of involving people with lived experience in thinking about how to design and deliver the program Australia-wide More than 10 years Commonwealth gov 1
Stop Mental Illness Stigma Charter [100] Murray PHN Mental illness (non-specific) The Charter aims to encourage organisations to adopt the right behaviours and practices and build an environment where employees and customers feel supported and understood. Organisations sign a pledge certificate and are supported with resources to implement the Charter The Charter contains 7 commitments to reduce stigma: We will be informed; We will listen; We will be mindful of our language; We will be inclusive; We will challenge the stereotypes; We will be supportive; We will promote recovery The concept was developed by a person with a lived experience. It was co-designed with people who have severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs Australia-wide 2–5 years Murray PHN (Commonwealth gov) 2
Insurance discrimination project [101] Beyond Blue Mental illness (non-specific) Aims to improve access to insurance products such as travel, life, income protection and total and permanent disability insurance for people who have experience or are currently living with a mental illness Reduction of discrimination from the insurance industry due to mental illness N/R Australia-wide N/R N/R 1
  1. 1 = No evaluation evidence, 2 = Post survey feedback or qualitative interviews, 3 = One or more uncontrolled trials or repeated cross-sectional surveys, 4 = One or more controlled trials, 5 = One or more randomised controlled trials
  2. LE Lived Experience, N/R Not Reported