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Table 2 Exclusion Criteria

From: Community-based psychosocial substance use disorder interventions in low-and-middle-income countries: a narrative literature review

Exclusion criteria item Description Justification
Intervention Policy or guideline implementation studies
Pharmacological interventions without a psychosocial component
The inclusion of these types of interventions would result in data that is too heterogenous for a narrative review
Although these types of interventions (policies, guidelines, and pharmacological) may address current priorities in the field, they do so in a different context and through means which are not directly focused on the individual and psychosocial factors involved in the development and treatment of SUDs
Target population Populations without a SUD such as families, carers, and the general population For reasons of feasibility and relevance. Although interventions for families and general populations are relevant efforts towards addressing SUDs in LMICs, they are fundamentally and practically different from interventions developed for SUD populations; including them would not be feasible, it would unrealistically broaden this review’s scope, and it would reduce its relevance due to the heterogeneity among interventions