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Table 2 Top ten active journals in publishing health–related research articles on fragile states

From: Health-related publications on people living in fragile states in the alert zone: a bibliometric analysis

Rank Journal Frequency % (N = 2299) Subject area Journal rank Country of the journal
1 Pan African medical journal 104 4.5 Medicine (miscellaneous) Q3 Kenya
2 BMC public health 93 4.0 Medicine (Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health) Q1 UK
3 BMC Pregnancy and childbirth 71 3.1 Medicine (Obstetrics and Gynecology) Q1 UK
4 BMC infectious diseases 67 2.9 Medicine (Infectious Diseases) Q1 UK
5 Journal of the Pakistan medical association 64 2.8 Medicine (miscellaneous) Q3 Pakistan
6 Plos neglected tropical diseases 57 2.5 Medicine (Infectious Diseases Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health) Q1 USA
7 Ethiopian journal of health sciences 53 2.3 Medicine (miscellaneous) Q3 Ethiopia
8 BMC health services research 48 2.1 Medicine (Health Policy) Q1 UK
9 BMJ open 46 2.0 Medicine (miscellaneous) Q1 UK
10 African health sciences 39 1.7 Medicine (miscellaneous) Q2 Uganda
  1. Q = quartile. Q1 is the highest and Q4 is the lowest rank. The rank was obtained from Scimago Journal Rank (