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Table 1 Socio-demographic characteristics of healthcare providers from the Nigeria Practitioners Study

From: Perspectives of mental healthcare providers on pathways to improved employment for persons with mental disorders in two lower middle-income countries

SexFemale28 (35.4)
Male51 (64.6)
Age (years) 37.9; 37; 27–64
ProfessionPsychiatrist43 (53.8)
Occupational health physician11 (13.8)
Community health physician19 (23.8)
Other7 (8.8)
Fellowship statusCompleted residency31 (38.8)
Currently doing residency45 (56.3)
Not applicable4 (5.0)
Years of practiceYears in continuous8.7; 7; 3–27
Less than 10 years49 (61.3)
More than 10 years30 (37.5)
  1. aValues are N (percentage) for categorical variables and mean; median; range for continuous variables