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Table 1 Participants’ professional title, service setting, and country

From: Healthcare professionals’ perspectives on mental health service provision: a pilot focus group study in six European countries

Country Psychiatrists Psychologists GPs Psychiatric nurses, social workers and physiotherapists
Number Work settinga Number Work setting Number Work setting Number Work setting
Belgium 2 PH and private practice
3 General hospital and private practice PH Outpatient MHC 2 National organization for refugees
Private practice
2 Center for general well being
Community health center
Cyprus 2 MHSs, rehabilitation clinic
Private psychiatric clinic
4 MHSs, day center
Private psychiatric clinic
Community mental health department, outpatient services
Private practice
1 General hospital 1 Public PH Community service
Greece 4 Public hospital
Psychiatric inpatient and outpatient unit
Public hospital, psychiatric department
Private practice (2)
Collaboration with public MH services
4 Short-term hospice service unit/after hospitalization care
Private psychiatric clinic Private practice (2)
2 PHC (2) 1 Public hospital Psychiatric Unit
Norway 2 PHC
Substance abuse treatment/private practice
2 General practitioner Nursing home 1 Outpatient clinic
Sweden 3 Outpatient care (addiction)
Specialized Psychiatric care at a hospital (psychosis)
PH (affective disorders)
2 Psychiatry, in- and outpatient departments
PH (affective disorders)
2 PHC (2) 1 Rehabilitation center
The Netherlands 3 PH (2)
Academic hospital, Department of psychiatry
3 MHC (3) 2 University hospital, Department of Geriatric Medicine and General Practitioner Medicine General Practice
Total participants 14   18   11   6  
  1. aSome participants may work at more than one setting
  2. PH psychiatric hospital, MHSs mental health services, PHC Primary Health Center, MHC Mental Health Center