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Table 2 Research priorities by suicide method

From: Trends in suicide-related research in Australia

Suicide methodsArticlesa
1999–20062010–20172 sample prop. test
Poisoning by drugs20.− 1.910.056
Poisoning by other (including by gases and vapours)
Hanging (incl. strangulation and suffocation)3.810.47.914.20.540.590
Firearms (incl. explosives)4.311.74.47.9− 0.610.539
Drowning1.− 0.450.655
Jumping from a high place1.
Jumping or lying before a moving object0.00.06.511.6 0.044b
  1. Test results highlighted in italics mean a significant in the variable of relevance change over time
  2. aThe number of grants/fellowships and articles may not be integer due to the weighting applied in the coding
  3. bFisher’s exact test