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Table 5 Suggestions to improve mental health service delivery reported across stakeholder levels

From: Stakeholder perspectives on integration of mental health services into primary care: a mixed methods study in Northern Iraq

  Examples Clients
(n = 62)
(n = 26)
(n = 40)
(n = 12)
(N = 140)
Change/improve facilities
Designated space for services A private place should be allocated for mental health sections (S)
A special (private) place be allocated for the CMHW (C)
16 13 33 9 71
Larger center A larger mental health hospital should be available (P)
We need a large hospital to be built for us (D)
6 5 3 2 15
Beautify facilities The place [should] be in a garden surrounded by green areas (C)
A library to be available in the center (C)
5 1 6
Staffing changes
Increased specialist/trained staff More expert psychotherapist and staff should be employed (S)
Provision of smart and trained psychotherapist (D)
9 16 25 3 53
Increase staff numbers More staff should be employed in this centre (S)
Provide better number of doctors and staff (D)
3 4 21 8 36
Providers of matched gender Both gender staff should be available in mental health section (S)
More CMHW be available of both genders (C)
6 8 11 4 29
Protected time for providing services No other jobs imposed on psychotherapists but the service only (P)
Staff should carry out only this task in the hospital, not do any other tasks (S)
6 3 8
Raise awareness
Mental health literacy Media methods like TV, radio and newspapers should play their role on circulating awareness on mental health and this programme as well (P)
To publicize more information about mental illnesses (D)
19 29 10 57
Educate about program This treatment become known through media (C)
This service should be introduced through media methods, symposiums and seminars (S)
9 14 8 2 34
Increase support for program
Increase government support Government and concerned authorities should take mental health more seriously (P)
The government have to have a special plan for paying more attention to this program (C)
3 23 29 6 62
Financial/material support Government and ministry to provide financial and moral support (P)
If the government provide transportation means it will make the programme continue (S)
13 24 5 42
Formal recognition/integration Government should recognize it formally (P)
This programme to be included within ministry structure (D)
13 17 5 35
Expand services
To all regions/centers Now it is only available in one area I wish it was available in districts and sub-districts (C)
More centres should be established for those who live far away (S)
19 6 17 1 43
Mobile teams A mobile team to be available to visit remote areas (P)
Mobile psychotherapist teams should visit patients in their homes (S)
2 3 13 3 21
Embed in schools/offices Psychotherapist to be employed in schools (P)
If they put CMHW in the schools it would make it easy (C)
1 1 3 1 6
Program changes
Involve family Family of patient should be talked with to support and cooperate the patient (S)
If possible, patients’ families to participate in this treatment (P)
5 5 10
Adapt for illiterate clients It is better to make a CD version for illiterate people (C)
I prefer that the program use colors for illiterate people; for example, for something bad use a black color (C)
9 8
Treat patients carefully/with respect Patients should be treated with respect (S) 8 1 8
Decrease sessions/time Lessening the sessions (P)
The sessions be reduced because it is difficult that the patient comes every week (C)
5 2 1 8
Encourage client adherence It should be clear for the patient that the programme takes long time (S)
In the beginning the programme should be explained for the patient (S)
6 6
Financial supports
Allocate budget/resources for program Budgets should be allocated for the programme (S)
Money, staff, place, required equipment and transportation methods make continuity (D)
19 20 7 46
Accommodations for staff Transportation and communication methods should provide for psychotherapists (S) 9 8
Financial support Attempt to provide financial facilitation for patients (P)
Financial support should be provided for patients (S)
4 6 5 4 20
Transportation support Provide transportation fees for patients (P)
It is necessary that means of transport be arranged for patients (C)
5 5 8 1 20
Provide trainings on the intervention CETA to be inserted into college studies (P)
More training courses should be arranged for the staff (S)
3 14 13 2 32
  1. “–”indicates response was not provided at that stakeholder level