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Table 2 Variables measured in year 10 students and teachers/responsible adults across time

From: An evaluation of the teen and Youth Mental Health First Aid training with a CALD focus: an uncontrolled pilot study with adolescents and adults in Australia

Variable measuredPre-trainingPost-training3-Month
Mental health literacy
 Recognition of mental health problem—general
 Adults thought to be helpful
 Knowledge of youth mental health quizb
Stigmatising attitudes
 Social distance
  Weak-not-sick subscale
  I would not tell anybody
  Dangerous/unpredictable subscale
MHFA intentions and behaviours
 Confidence helping
 Offering helpb
  MHFA intentions—helpfula
  MHFA intentions—harmfula
  MHFA intentions—ALGEE scoreb
  MHFA experiences—provided to peera 
  MHFA experiences—received from a peera 
  MHFA experiences—ALGEE scoreb 
  1. aOnly measured in year 10 students
  2. bOnly measured in teachers/responsible adults