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Table 7 Quotes on supply needs before (T0) and after (T1) treatment

From: Psychosomatic–psychotherapeutic treatment in an evening clinic: a qualitative examination of patients’ expectations and experiences

4. Supply needs
T0.4.1 Intensity of treatment (76)
 “As I have already said, the fact that my social contacts have decreased—I just don’t feel well, I have problems… I sleep too much, I’m constantly tired and listless, I can’t get my act together. And I think that it helps to be there 3 times a week and work on my problems intensively.”(V)
T0.4.2 Multimodality of the treatment offer (32)
 “I think when you receive outpatient treatment, you just have your one-on-one therapy session once a week. Now, in the evening clinic, there are options that you basically don’t get in the usual outpatient setting: one-on-one sessions, group sessions, mindfulness training and consultations.”(Y)
T0.4.3 Less waiting time (16)
 ”[…] the main thing was to get help quickly, and not have to wait for months to get therapy. This just was the option that was available for me at the time.”(W)
T.1.4.1 Intensity of treatment (73)
 ”It wouldn’t have worked with outpatient therapy; I’m convinced that wouldn’t have been enough.”(E)
T1.4.2 Multimodality of the treatment offer (31)
 ”[….] I just liked the mixture between the mindfulness training, the consultations with a doctor, the one-on-one therapy sessions with the therapists and the interaction in the group—just the whole package.”(U)