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Table 2 Clinical study of child and adolescent mental disorder in Nepal

From: Child and adolescent mental health problems in Nepal: a scoping review

Study Study design Diagnostic tool Sample size Age range Prevalence
Rimal et al. [30] Cross-sectional study Strength and Difficulty Questionnaire
Spence Anxiety Scale
Vanderbilt rating scale for ADHD
85 Not available Speech and language delay-22.4%
Behavioral problem- 21.2%, anxiety disorders-18.8%, cerebral palsy-14.1%
global developmental delay-11.8%, ASD-10.6%
ADHD-10%, Adjustment problem-8.2%, Depression-4.7%, Conversion disorder-9.4%
Rimal and Pokahrel [31] Cross-sectional study ADHD rating scale with DSM-IV classification
Spence anxiety scale child and parent rated version
Strength and Difficulty Questionnaire
350 Not available The yearly prevalence of ADHD in clinical sample was-11.7% with male: female ratio of 4:1
Associated comorbidities: Sleep problem 12 (29.3%), Learning difficulty 10 (24.4%), Anxiety disorder 10 (24.4), Oppositional Defiant Disorder 9 (22%), Autism Spectrum Disorder 5 (12%), speech delay 6 (14.6%), and 4 (10%) had associated tics
Risal et al. [32] Retrospective study ICD-10 168 Below 18 years of age Dissociative disorder (15%), Seizure disorder (15%), Depressive disorder (13.8%), Intentional Self Harm (13.8%)