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Table 1 Summary of actual direct cost of the intervention

From: Implementing clinical guidelines to promote integration of mental health services in primary health care: a qualitative study of a systems policy intervention in Uganda

Item Quantity Unit cost UGX Total UGX Total USDa
Summarized guidelines 10 copies*2 sites 20,000 400,000 110
Register 3 copies*2 sites*6 months 40,000 1,440,000 263
Clinician’s checklist 10 copies*2 sites 10,000 200,000 55
Training/supervision 1 person*5 days*12 weeks 100,000 6,000,000 1644
Total cost    8,040,000 2202
  1. aExchange rate USD: UGX = 3650. Noteworthy from the direct costs involved is the fact that some of the components perceived to have worked well such as the summarized UCG were relatively cheap