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Table 1 Collection of data on exposures, outcomes, and other explanatory variables at each assessment point

From: Associations between readmission and patient-reported measures in acute psychiatric inpatients: a study protocol for a multicenter prospective longitudinal study (the ePOP-J study)

Item Time of admission (T1) Time of discharge (T2) 6-month follow-up (T3) 12-month follow-up (T4)
Patient-reported outcomes/experiences
 Quality of life (EQ-5D-5L)
 Perception of disabilities (SDS-J)
 Empowerment and self-agency related scale
 Satisfaction with care    
 Subjective relationship with family    
Clinical and social variables
 Past hospitalisation or readmission
  Number of admissionsa
  Length of hospitalisationa
  Type of hospitalisation (voluntary/involuntary)a
  Reasons for emergency admissiona
  Unplanned discharge from index admissiona     
 Psychiatric present statusb,c    
 Symptoms (1 item)
 Social relationships (1 item)  
 Employment status
 Functioning (PSP)
 History of problematic behavioursb
 Risk of problematic behaviours
 Body mass index
Other exposure variables
  Agea, sex, living condition, living location, social security etc.    
 Diagnostic informationa
  Psychiatric disordersa   
  Physical disordersa   
 Past utilisation of services
  Emergency servicesb    
  Police or administrative interventions    
  Community medical servicesb  
  Outpatient servicesa,b  
  Social and welfare servicesb  
  Case management or outreach services
  Crisis planningb
 Inpatient care during hospitalisation
  Seclusion order     
  Restraint order     
  Electroconvulsive therapyb     
  Discharge plan or planninga,b     
  Therapies specific to hospitalisationb,d     
 Outpatient care during follow-up
  Outpatient service visit within 7 days of discharge from index admission     
  Regular outpatient service visits   
  Online medical examinations   
Local social and welfare resources
 Number of social and welfare service agencies in the patient’s area of residence    
  1. EQ-5D-5L EuroQol five dimensions and five levels, PSP Personal and Social Performance scale, SDS-J Sheehan Disability Scale—Japanese version
  2. aComponent of the READMIT index
  3. bPossible responses are YES/NO
  4. cPsychiatric present status include hallucinatory paranoid state, psychomotor excitement, stupor, Residual schizophrenia, depressive state, manic state, delirium, twilight state and dementia symptom
  5. dSpecific therapies include housing services, tentative overnight stay at home before discharge, physical activities, training on the use of medications, group psycho-education, individual psycho-education, physical health management services, training on nutritional management, training on financial management, social skills training, cognitive behavioural therapy, wellness recovery action plan, cognitive remediation therapy, individual occupational therapy, family psycho-education, and services from peer-supporters