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Table 1 Emerging voices

From: Enhancing mental health research capacity: emerging voices from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) global hubs

Narrator, age, gender Hub (duration) and country Professional background
Kassahun Habtamu, 37, male AFFIRM (4 years), Ethiopia Ph.D. (Mental Health Epidemiology), Post-doctoral fellow, AMARI
Heloísa Garcia Claro, 29, female LATIN MH (2 years), Brazil Postdoctoral Fellow (Nursing)
Yasmin Mohammed, 32, female PAM-D (3 years), Ghana M.Phil. (Clinical Psychologist), Ph.D. Candidate
María Soledad Burrone, 37, female RedeAmericas (2 years), Argentina MD (community physician), MPH, Ph.D.
Ramesh Prasad Adhikari, 33, male SHARE (2 years), Nepal Masters (Population Studies and Sociology/Anthropology)