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Table 1 Overview of documents reviewed

From: Building back better? Taking stock of the post-earthquake mental health and psychosocial response in Nepal

Document characteristics Number of documentsa
Material source 141 26
Response coordinator 1
Material type
Situation report 42
MHPSS intervention tool 16
Cluster/working group meeting minutes and updates 24
Resource list 6
Report on response activities 10
4W or 5W mastersheetb 3
Screening tool 4
Research report/article 24
Disaster response guidelines/reference document (not specific to MHPSS) 16
MHPSS response guidelines/reference document 21
Other 2
Nepali 7
English 155
Nepali and English 5
Other 1
Has been adapted for or is specific to use in Nepali context 124
Contains information about response activities 47
  1. aAfter manually excluding duplicates
  2. bSpreadsheet integrating information from all 5W (4W in earlier versions) forms submitted to subcluster coordinators