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Table 2 Number of patients consulting each category of provider in any step of their care-seeking pathway (multiple responses per patient possible)

From: Pathways to care of patients with mental health problems in Bangladesh

Provider groups Provider category Number of patients choosing this consultation
Non-medical provider Traditional healer 9
Religious healer 4
Drug seller at pharmacy 1
Homeopath 2
Meditation (quantum method) 1
Other medical provider (private) General practitioner 4
Neurologist 7
Gynecologist 1
Pediatrician 3
Internal medicine 2
Cardiologist 1
Respiratory physician 1
Private clinics Clinic 1
Detox center 2
Rehab 2
Public general hospitals Upazila health complex 2
National Institute of Neurosciences and Hospital 4
Dhaka Shishu Hospital (children’s hospital) 4
Other specialized hospitals 4
Medical College Hospital (non-psychiatry department) 3
Psychiatric care provider NIMH 40
Pabna Mental Hospital 2
Medical College Hosp. (psychiatry department) 3
Psychiatrist (private) 12
Psychologist (private) 1