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Table 2 Selected codes and themes that emerged while exploring the perceptions about pasung among key stakeholders in Bogor Regency, Indonesia 2017

From: Perceptions about pasung (physical restraint and confinement) of schizophrenia patients: a qualitative study among family members and other key stakeholders in Bogor Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia 2017

Selected code


Violent behavior

Destructive behavior

Damage to garden/surroundings

Only alternate measure

It is ok to lock him up

Perceptions about pasung

 Necessary to protect patient and others from his/her own aggressive behaviors

 An acceptable pragmatic solution

Not available in rural areas

Not satisfied

No money for transport

Poor family

Can’t feed the patient

Mental health services

 Poor access

 Financial constraints

Reduced aggression is healing

Pasung is fine

Knowledge of schizophrenia

 Poor knowledge and prevailing misconceptions