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Table 1 Articles included in systematic review

From: What are effective strategies for implementing trauma-informed care in youth inpatient psychiatric and residential treatment settings? A realist systematic review

Articles included Model Setting and country
Azeem et al. [40] Six core strategies Inpatient-U.S.
Brown et al. [41] Risking connection Congregate care-U.S.
Caldwell et al. [42] Six core strategies Residential-U.S.
Deveau and Leitch [43] Restraint reduction meeting Residential-UK
Goetz and Trujillo [44] Patient-focused intervention Residential & Inpatient-U.S.
Greene et al. [45] Collaborative problem solving Inpatient-U.S.
Greenwald et al. [20] Fairy tale model Residential-U.S.
Holstead et al. [47] Quality plus program Residential-U.S.
Hodgdon et al. [46] Attachment, regulation, competency (ARC) model Residential-U.S.
Hummer et al. [21] Trauma-informed program self- assessment Out of home incl residential- U.S.
Martin et al. [34] Collaborative problem solving Inpatient-U.S.
Rivard et al. [48] Sanctuary model Residential-U.S.
Russell et al. [49] Devereaux’s safe & positive approaches Residential-U.S.