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Table 4 Mental health indicators in HMIS

From: Information systems for mental health in six low and middle income countries: cross country situation analysis

Themes Ethiopia India Nepal Nigeria South Africa Uganda
Mental health indicators in national HMIS Yes Noa Yes Nob Yes Yes
Mental health out-patient department (OPD) attendances included Yes No Yes No No Yes
Mental health referrals recorded No No No No No Yes
Psychiatric in-patient bed occupancy rate No No Yes No Yes Yes
Mental health training data reflected No No Yes No No No
Average length of stay at the hospital No No No No Yes Yes
  1. aHowever, State level mental health programme have guidelines for reporting data on MH in states like madhya Pradesh. Data on admission in tertiary level mental hospital and days spent in mental hospital are recorded
  2. bHowever, data on mental health outpatient visit, patients treated at day care facilities, psychiatric bed of general hospitals and mental hospital are collected