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Table 2 Policies and plans related to mental health and HMIS

From: Information systems for mental health in six low and middle income countries: cross country situation analysis

Themes Ethiopia India Nepal Nigeria South Africa Uganda
Mental health policy or plan Yesa Yesb Yes Yes Policy drafted Yes
Provisions for MHISc in mental health policy Yes, but not implemented Yes Yes. Plan to maintain record systems No Yes. A section on MHIS Yes
Provisions in mental health policy for social welfare benefits No Yes, talks about monetary and tax benefits No No Covered in other health policies No
General health policies that govern HMIS 5-yearly health plan National Health Policy 2002 and Draft National Health Policy 2015 National Health Policy and Nepal Health Sector Programme-2 Revised Policy Programme and Strategic Plan White Paper for the Health System
District HMIS policy
Health Policy
General health plans that govern HMIS Health Sector Development Plan IV (2010/11–2014/2015) The National Rural Health Mission (2005–2012) Second Long Term Health Plan1997–2017 National 3-5 year Health Plan 5-year health plan Health Sector Strategic Plan2010/11–2014/15
Standard operating procedures for mental health No No No No Yes No
Initiatives to develop MHIS Yes No No No Yes No
  1. aEthiopia has a National Mental Health Strategy which is the equivalent of a policy/plan
  2. bWhen the data for this study was collected between March–May, 2013, there was no mental health policy in India. It was only in October 2014, India released its first mental health policy in which monitoring and evaluation of national mental health programme has been emphasised
  3. cMental Health Information System