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Table 2 Program participation—by program component and duration (in years)

From: A qualitative exploration of a family self-help mental health program in El Salvador

Sub-group Family caregivers Users Professionals
Family education class (total years)a 4 0 3
 Average years 1 0 1
Monthly support Group (total years) 23.5 15b 22
 Average years 5.9 5 7.3
Public awareness projects (total years) 12 2 22
 Average years 3 0.7 7.3
Advocacy national service (Total years) 17 13 14
 Average years 3.4 4.3 4.7
Visits to homes in crisis (total years) 2 1 18
 Average 0.5 0.3 6
Psycho-social group (total years) 0 21 0
 Average years 0 7 0
Other (total years)c 14 18 30
 Average years 3.5 6 10
  1. Comparison of users, caregivers and professionals by duration of participation in principal program components
  2. a Total years refers to the sum of years that all family caregivers together obtained; average years refers to the total years divided by the number of persons in the subgroup
  3. b Users state their participation was often sporadic, and some numbers had to be estimated by the researchers due to uncertainty in responses by some users. Due to these factors, the numbers listed here for users may be high
  4. c Trainings of professionals, participation in national annual forums