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Table 1 Cross-country stakeholder forcefield analysis map

From: Stakeholder analysis of the Programme for Improving Mental health carE (PRIME): baseline findings

Power Opposition Not mobilised Mostly supportive Supportive
High   Parliament (IN, UG) MH Specialists, PHC Workers, CHW (SA) WHO, MoH (ET, NP, UG)
PHC Workers (UG) Parliament (ET)
Volunteer Workers (IN) DFID UK (ET, NP, UG)
Persons with mental illness, Families (ET, IN) DFID local (ET)
Service User groups (IN) Other donors (NP)
CBOs (ET) MH Specialists (UG)
I-Media (SA) N-Media (NP, UG)
R-Media (ET, SA) State/District Media (NP)
N-Media (IN, SA) Universities (ET)
State/District Media (ET, IN, SA)
Medium–high     Non-Health Ministries (ET)
MH Specialists (ET)
Service User groups (NP)
N-Media (ET)
Medium   Non-Health Ministries (NP, UG)   WHO, MoH (IN, SA)
CHW (UG)   Non-Health Ministries, Parliament (SA)
Persons with mental illness (UG)   DFID UK (IN, SA)
CBOs, FBOs (IN)   DFID local (IN, NP, SA)
I-Media (IN)   Other donors (ET, SA)
State/District Media (UG)   CHW (ET)
Universities (IN, SA)   Service User groups (UG)
   INGOs (UG)
Universities (UG)
Low–medium   MH Specialists, PHC Workers, CHW (IN)   MH Specialists (NP)
   PHC Workers (ET)
Persons with mental illness, Families (NP)
Low   Non-Health Ministries (IN) FBOs (NP) PHC in MoH (NP)
DFID local (UG)   PHC Workers, CHW, Volunteer Workers (NP)
Other donors (IN, UG)   Service User groups (ET)
Persons with mental illness, Families (SA)   INGOs (ET)
Families of persons with mental illness (UG)   I-Media (NP)
INGOs (IN)   Universities, Research Institutes (NP)
CBOs, FBOs (UG), Research Institutes (UG)   
  1. Perceived power to influence the scaling up of mental health care (down) by position relating to the scale up of mental health care (across).
  2. ET Ethiopia, IN India, NP Nepal, SA South Africa, UG Uganda.