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Table 1 Characteristics of participants and organisations

From: Access to mental health and psychosocial services in Cambodia by survivors of trafficking and exploitation: a qualitative study

NGO Operational Overview of services provided Primary target population Number of therapists Professional role of participants Professional background
Organisation 1 National Social work & support services for male survivors of sexual abuse & their families Boys & men but also work with families 8 social workers and counsellors Technical Advisor Social Work
Organisation 2 National Community-based mental health services & training in mental health/social services General 8-10 social workers and 1 social work coordinator Director/Advisor Social Work
Organisation 3 National Community mental health programmes General 3 psychiatrists, 5 psychologists, 4 counsellors, 1 psychiatric nurse, 1 social worker Project Coordinator – Rehabilitation of Victims of Human Trafficking Psychology
Organisation 4 Regional Therapy or treatment of trauma, specialists in EMDR General Information not available Psychologist Clinical Psychology
Organisation 5 International Provision of social workers trained in crisis care to people affected by sex trafficking & CSE Girls – no successful interventions involving boys to date Information not available Director of Aftercare (post-trafficking care) Social Work
Organisation 6 International Recovery, shelters, use of TF-CBT as a trauma therapy Women, children, work with men through families 15 counsellors, separate team of case managers and social workers Psychosocial Advisor Counselling, Therapy
Organisation 7 International Operates short-term Assessment Centre for female clients Girls, 6-17 Information not available Counsellors (2) Counselling