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Table 2 Estimated annual consumption quantity for the year 2013-14 (Tablets and capsules unit-10x10; where different doses of the same drug were provided, estimates have been combined) [18]

From: A rapid appraisal of access to and utilisation of psychotropic medicines in Bihar, India

Medication name Dosage form Estimated consumption quantity (10x10 tablets or capsules)
Alprazolam Tablet 182,563
Amitriptyline Tablet 311,363
Carbamazepine Tablet 76,261
Clonazepam Tablet 57,500
Diazepam Tablet 365,125
Diazepam Injection 382,455
Fluoxetine Capsules 1,585,491
Haloperidol Injection 1000
Lorazepam Injection 1000
Magnesium sulphate Injection 50,845
Phenobarbitone Suspension 1000
Phenobarbitone Injection 1000
Phenytoin Syrup 1000
Phenytoin Injection 1000
Sodium Valproate Syrup 1000
Sodium Valproate Tablets 1000
Trifluoperazine & Trihexyphenidyl Tablets 1000