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Table 1 Qualitative study results

From: Identification, modification, and implementation of an evidence-based psychotherapy for children in a low-income country: the use of TF-CBT in Zambia

Symptoms of sexual abuse Symptoms of exposure to domestic violence Locally identified “Behavior Problems”
Crying Not growing up peacefully Drinking beer
Thinking too much Feeling lonely Stealing
Alone and withdrawn Imitating bad language Having no respect
Fearful it will happen again Looking unhappy and miserable Being out of control
Feeling used Looking confused Raping others
Looking confused   Looking “scruffy”
Damaged psychologically   Not attending school
Feeling rejected   Disturbed thinking
Shy   Smoking “dagga”(marijuana)
Difficulty concentrating   
Feeling uneasy and surprised   
Having an unsettled mind – thinking about what happened