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Table 2 Problems reported by caregivers that are related to their role of patient care

From: Caregiver strain and symptoms of depression among principal caregivers of patients with schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder in Sri Lanka

Problem Number Percentage (%)
Being subject to physical assault by patient 30 37.5
Being in debt due to illness related expenditures 19 23.8
Problems with employment including premature retirement, termination and resigning 17 21.3
Family problems with spouse (excluding patients) 24 30.0
Family problems with children (excluding patients) 27 33.8
Problems with other relations (excluding patients) 23 28.8
Disputes with neighbours 14 17.5
Having to give up significant interests including further studies and relationships 9 11.3
Increase in substance use 9 11.3
Self admission of needing professional help to overcome the mental stress 35 43.8