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Table 5 Key principles of CBPR as outlined by Israel et al. [38] [46: 178–180]

From: Improving care and wellness in bipolar disorder: origins, evolution and future directions of a collaborative knowledge exchange network

1. Recognizes community as a unit of identity central to CBPR;
2. Builds on strengths and resources within the community;
3. Facilitates collaborative partnerships in all phases of the research (e.g., shared control and equitable participation);
4. Integrates knowledge and action for mutual benefit of all partners;
5. Promotes a co-learning and empowering process that attends to social inequalities;
6. Involves a cyclical and iterative process;
7. Addresses health from both positive and ecological perspectives – attending to biomedical, social, economic, cultural, historical, and political factors as determinants of health and disease/illness; and,
8. Disseminates findings and knowledge gained to all partners.