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Table 2 The core components of effective shared care models for depression and anxiety

From: Shared care in mental illness: A rapid review to inform implementation

Process of care Integrated mental health service Care manager (nurses or psychologists trained for the study Care manager (depression care manager) Care manager (background in PC or MH nursing) Flexible treatment delivery model (preferred treatment) Anxiety Care Specialist (ACS) to deliver web based CBT program
Screening yes yes yes no yes
Treatment algorithm no yes yes no yes
Formal stepped care no yes yes no yes
Care management location na on-site on-site off-site (centrally located) on-site
Patient education/self management variable yes yes yes yes
Case management yes yes yes yes yes
Care management to patient contact na face-to-face; telephone face-to-face telephone face-to-face
Psychiatric supervision na face-to-face; telephone face-to-face telephone telephone/email
Care management counselling na PST-PC IPT supportive supportive
Psychological supervision na telephone face-to-face na unclear
MH specialty treatment location on-site on-site on-site off-site on-site
Geriatrician supervision no Liaison/PC provider no no no
Standardised follow up yes yes yes yes yes
Standardised outcome measure yes yes yes yes yes
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