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Table 1 HoNOS items, subscales and scores

From: Validation aspects of the health of the nation outcome scales

HoNOS Item HoNOS Total score ans subscales
Item1 Aggression/overactivity   
Item 2 Self-harm H1-12 HoNOS total score
Item 3 Substance abuse H1-3 Behaviour subscale
Item 4 Cognitive Impairment H4-5 Impairment subscale
Item 5 Physical Impairment H6-8 Symptom subscale
Item 6 Hallucinations/delusions H9-12 Social subscale
Item 7 Depressed Mood Score Description
Item 8 Other mental/behaviour. problems 0 No problem
Item 9 Relationships 1 Minor problem requiring no action
Item 10 Daily living 2 Mild problem but definitely present
Item 11 Living conditions 3 Moderately severe problem
Item 12 Occupation/activities 4 Severe to very severe problem