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Table 1 Guiding questions on attitudes towards training and integration

From: Integrating mental health into primary health care in Zambia: a care provider's perspective

  First Question Follow-on Question
1 The Ministry of Health is soon to on training PHCstaff in identifying and management of mental disorders. How important do you think this is? What are are the reasons for your answer?
2 The reason behind training of PHC in mental health is to integrate mental health into PHC system. How important do you think this is? What are the reasons for your answer?
3 In your view, what type of impact will integration of mental health into PHC have on the provision of primary health care in general? Please give the main reason for your answer.
4 What would be your opinion to the proposition that there are other more important areas of PHC other than mental health in which PHC staff should be trained. Which are these areas