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Table 1 Site characteristics and some notable changes in mental health care delivery (CMHCD) during the observation periods.

From: Is psychiatric emergency service (PES) use increasing over time?

Site City location PES location Catchment area Regular staff Observation period1 CMHCD
A Montreal General Hospital Yes Yes 1985 – 2002 Yes2
B Montreal Psychiatric Facility Yes Yes 1995 – 2006 Yes3
C* Kingston General Hospital No Yes 1995 – 2005 Yes4
  1. * Site 'C' comprises 2 PESs located in separate general hospitals. The same staff covered both sites.
  2. 1 The yearly observation period at site 'A' began in June whereas it began in January at sites 'B' and 'C'.
  3. 2 The closure of a neighboring PES, an increase in PES observation beds from 8 to 16, the opening of an outpatient day hospital.
  4. 3 The closing of a PES approximately 10 km away.
  5. 4 The gradual downsizing of a local psychiatric facility, a 30% reduction in acute general hospital psychiatric beds, the addition of specialized social workers in the PES both for the day and evening shifts.