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Table 1 WHO Mental Health Gap Action Programme – examples of indicators

From: International Observatory on Mental Health Systems: a mental health research and development network

Health System
Inputs Outputs Outcomes
• the number of sites in the country that implement the scaling up strategy; • the proportion of facilities for primary health that have trained health professionals for diagnosis and treatment of MNS disorders; and • the number of people treated each year for MNS disorders as a proportion of the total estimated yearly prevalence of MNS disorders.
• the extent to which management methods and procedures are developed; • the proportion of facilities for primary health that have supplies such as essential medicines for MNS disorders.  
• the presence of an official policy, programme, or plan for mental health;   
• a specified budget for mental health as a proportion of the total health budget; and   
• the proportion of the total expenditure for mental health that is spent on community-based services.   
Health Status
• the prevalence and burden (disability adjusted life years – DALYs) of mental and neurological disorders; and
• deaths from suicide and the rate of self-inflicted injuries.