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Table 2 Local idiom of distress in Habilla, Darfur

From: Mental health treatment outcomes in a humanitarian emergency: a pilot model for the integration of mental health into primary care in Habilla, Darfur

Nafsyiat: the person becomes persistently sad and isolated, crying frequently and refusing to eat. Suicidal ideas can happen. It can happen after bad events or trauma. People with nafsyiat can disconnect from the reality and become "mad". It probably corresponds to severe depression. Magnun: the person is completely disconnected from the reality, being aggressive, hearing voices and speaking to herself. It is considered a permanent possession by evil spirits and no local treatment is able to help this person. When disruptive, they are tied to trees or posts. It probably corresponds to different forms of psychosis. Sahra: episodic loss of conscience with movements of arms and legs. It is considered an episodic possession by evil spirits. It probably corresponds to tonic-clonic generalized seizures and conversive disorders.