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Table 2 Themes from the qualitative interviews

From: Temporary services for patients in need of chronic care

Theme2 Number of informants Initial agreement (weighted kappa)
Personal rapport: the personal contact between staff and client, and the importance of this relationship for treatment 8 **1.00
Activities: Trips, workshops, social events, bingo, Christmas lunch 8 *0.67
Other assistance: For example practical assistance or flexibility 6 0.32
Psychological help: Help with emotional problems and thinking (not necessarily by psychologist) 5 0.28
Size of the clinic: Caseload of the clinic. 5 0.54
Accessibility: How easy or difficult it is to get to talk with staff members 4 **0.91
Case management functions: Coordination of care, and the importance of having a single, responsible caseworker 4 **0.87
Experiment: The participation in an experimental clinic or the novelty of the treatment 4 *0.70
Decline of services: That the services of the project suffered a decline of quality during the project 4 *0.70
Effects on substance abuse: How large is the effect of treatment on substance use 3 *0.66
User involvment and user influence: The significance of having influence on one's treatment 3 *0.65
Follow-up: Whether staff members follow the course of problems and measures taken 3 0.32
The chaotic life of the substance abuser: comments relating to the needs of substance abusers due to chaos and an unpredictable social and personal life 3 0.43
  1. Notes: * p < 0.01. ** p < 0.001.
  2. 2Only themes discussed by at least three informants are included.