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Table 4 Social support services received by patients (N = 199)

From: Providing support to psychiatric patients living in the community in Japan: patient needs and care providers perceptions

   received support
Interpersonal Relationships & Life Skills use of public institution 35.7%
  management of household expenditure 45.2%
  performance of community service 26.1%
  execution of trash separation 35.2%
  preparation of food 52.8%
  relationship with potential employers and colleagues 58.3%
  relationship with family and friends 61.3%
  relationship with neighbors or other community members 36.2%
  relationship with co-workers 51.3%
Living Conditions adapting to changes in one's daily environment 39.2%
  adapting to changes in residential environment 32.2%
  practicing fire prevention 25.6%
  cleaning one's room 37.7%
Physical Well-being dietary habits 44.2%
  excessive smoking or alcohol drinking 29.6%
  problems associated chronic medical illness or disability 61.8%
  burden of support and care placed on the patient's family 41.7%
Mental Health chronic mental health conditions 53.3%
  ideation or actual self-injury 32.2%
  ideation or actual violence towards others 31.2%
  compliance with psychiatric medication and outpatient treatment 45.2%
  mistrust of drug use and treatment policy 47.7%
Community safety property management 35.2%
  attitude toward at-home sales 22.6%
  attitude toward natural disasters 26.6%
  attitude toward crimes 25.1%