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Table 3 Motivators to use EAPs by prior users

From: Exploring men’s use of mental health support offered by an Australian Employee Assistance Program (EAP): perspectives from a focus-group study with males working in blue- and white-collar industries

Group Motive/reason How accessed
1 “help with some ways to think about stuff’” Recommended by friend
2 Accidental death of a team member Sessions as part of team referral (previous employer)
2 “I’ve had this event in my life. I wonder if [Company] offers support.” Independently searched
3 Anxiety issues Recommendation of counselling manager (senior colleague)
4 “no defining moment … I think I could feel better than I feel now” Independently searched
5 Needed to speak to someone Intranet search and colleague recommendation
7 “needed to talk to somebody ASAP” Independently searched
10 Not disclosed Not disclosed (previous employer)