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Table 1 Inclusion/exclusion criteria for the review

From: Psychological and social interventions for mental health issues and disorders in Southeast Asia: a systematic review

  Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Types of trials Any randomised control trial (RCT) reported in English examining the effectiveness of psychological and social interventions or treatments of mental health issues or disorders in Southeast Asia Case–control trials, cohort trials, cross-sectional trials, case reports, series and qualitative trials
Types of publications Published trials conducted in Southeast Asia and reported in English Not based in Southeast Asia
Non-published trials and dissertations
Types of participants Adults, 18 years and older with mental health issues or disorders Children and healthy people
Types of interventions Any psychological and social interventions  
Types of outcomes Any mental health issue or disorder  
Types of comparators Any comparator. This might include inactive control such as treatment as usual (TAU) and waiting list or active group, such as antidepressants or other psychological interventions