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Table 1 Clinician participant characteristics

From: How therapists and patients need to develop a clinical feedback system after 18 months of use in a practice-research network: a qualitative study

Participant Gender Education Years of experience Therapy affiliation
1 Male Psychiatric nurse 16 years CBT/MCT
2 Male Psychiatric nurse 16 years CBT/MCT
3 Male Clinical psychologist 13 years Emotion focused/dynamic
4 Male Psychiatric nurse 18 years CBT
5 Woman Psychiatrist 30 years CBT
6 Woman Clinical psychologist 3 years Emotion focused/dynamic
7 Woman Psychiatric nurse 25 years CBT/dynamic
8 Woman Clinical psychologist 7 years Emotion focused/dynamic
9 Woman Clinical psychologist 1 years CBT
10 Woman Psychiatric nurse 6 CBT