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Table 2 Questionnaire

From: Impact of intensive training on mental health, the experience of Port Said, Egypt

Item Desirable answer Code answer
1. Health is absence of illnesses Disagree 1
2. Depression is a form of disability Agree 1
3. Criteria of Schizophrenia include double or multi-personality Disagree 1
4. Psychiatric patients are usually aggressive and represent a danger for himself and for others Disagree 1
5. Psychiatric medication cause addiction Disagree 1
6. Delusion is the hallucination of schizophrenia patients Disagree 1
7. Headache, stomachache, fatigue, muscle pain are symptoms of depression Agree 1
8. Psychiatric nurses are always subject to verbal or physical aggression during care for psychiatric patient Disagree 1
9. To improve depressed patient status, advice to be more religious, to pray, and to appreciate positive sides of life Disagree 1
10. Stop working, lack of concentration, and insomnia, and being sarcastic towards other people, and non-flexibility on others’ opinion, are some of the criteria for maniac episodes Agree 1
11. Electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) is not a safe treatment for mental ill patients Disagree 1
12. Before diagnosing a psychiatric patient we need to exclude the following: HIV, Hypothyroidism, DM, cerebral palsy Agree 1
13. No need to measure vital sign for psychiatric patient unless he is diagnoses with a physical disease Disagree 1
14. Reading Quran and prayer will cure psychiatric illness Disagree 1
15. Nurses could support and help depressive patient by reporting stories of other patients in worse conditions Disagree 1
16. Psychiatric nurse assessment includes physical appearance, social status, stuttering, and lab investigation Agree 1
17. Psychiatric hospital is the best place to treat psychiatric patients Disagree 1
18. Psychiatric patient needs special care that is not available in general hospital Disagree 1
19. Neglect answering question is the best way to deal with anxious patient Disagree 1
20. Most of psychiatric diseases are because of lack of faith and not being religious Disagree 1
21. Religious clergy are the best ones to treat obsessive compulsive patients (OCD) Disagree 1
22. Schizophrenia percentage increases in lower income society more than high income society Disagree 1
23. We should not ask depressed patient about suicidal thoughts so he will not commit it Disagree 1
24. Family and social support are very important to support psychiatric patients Agree 1
25. Psychiatric diseases are considered chronic diseases like DM and hypertension Agree 1