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Table 1 Implementing psychological safety at the individual, team, and organisation level

From: Enhancing psychological safety in mental health services

Level Description
Individual Feel that it is safe to report near misses or errors, suggestions for improvement; and
Feel able to engage in discussions regarding the duties of their job and duties beyond their role for the benefit of patients and service users
Feel empowered to discuss possible improvements and conduct controlled experimentation
Team Emphasise compassionate and collaborative working
Empowered to challenge disruptive or uncivil behaviours
Learning and implementing suggestions for improvement and near misses and/or errors
Invite innovation and experimentally testing suggestions to promote changes to processes for the future
Organisation Executive-level leadership modelling psychological safety with strategic focus and investment
Provide opportunities for individuals to engage in support networks and interprofessional working
Promote management styles that are collaborative and compassionate
Policies and procedures that emphasise fairness
Enable and incentivise opportunities for improvement across the organisation