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Table 2 Themes and recommendations

From: Barriers and drivers to capacity-building in global mental health projects

Theme Recommendations
Contextual Understanding Invest in formative research to better understand context
Look for opportunities to “build back better” after emergencies. Recognise and capitalise on ‘policy windows’ in a timely manner
Human resources Carefully identify appropriate cadres and individuals to train
Provide meaningful and beneficial training, relationships, and opportunities to promote motivation and retention
Sustainability Integrate training into existing health and education systems
Invest in specialist training, reliable medication supplies, and referral networks to support task-sharing initiatives and trained personnel
Invest in buy-in from service providers, educators, and policy makers
Quality assurance Research the tension between appropriate and sustainable approaches and evidence based practices
Develop and use standards to guide evaluation, interpretation of results and subsequent decision making
Use theoretical frameworks such as Theory of Change and participatory approaches