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Table 3 The prevalence and overall ISMI score of the sample (n = 300)

From: Self-stigma and medication adherence among patients with mental illness treated at Jimma University Medical Center, Southwest Ethiopia

ISMI sub-scales and items Frequency (n) Percent (%)
Alienation (yes)
 Feeling of worthless 100 33.3
 Miserable life due to having mental illness (MI) 127 42.3
 Others people don’t understand me 101 33.7
 Feeling of shame due to having MI 110 36.7
 Feeling bad or annoyed due to having MI 133 44.3
Stereotype (yes)
 Low self esteem 98 32.7
 Public misconceptions work on me 102 34.0
 People knows that I am mentally ill by just looking at me 90 30.0
 PWMI are danger to other 45 15.9
 Decisions about you shall be made by others 47 15.7
 PWMI will not live better life 59 19.7
 PWMI should not have marital life 49 16.3
Perceived discrimination (yes)
 Because of my MI, I can’t do good to the public 49 16.3
 Because of my MI other people discriminates me 92 30.7
 Others believe that I will not be successful because of my MI 108 36.0
 Other people will not give me value/concern because of my MI 95 31.6
 Other people treat me as a child or inferior because of my MI 89 29.6
 Other people prefer not to approach me or don’t want close relation with me 80 26.7
Social withdrawal (yes)
 Not to bother others about me, am not talk to them about my self 130 43.4
 I have no good social relationship due to the fear of behaving bad because of my MI 100 33.4
 Misconception from the public made me isolate my self 88 29.4
 I don’t feel good in a public place 89 29.7
 Avoid healthy social contact with people to protect discrimination 80 16.7
 For the sake of my family not to feel ashamed because of me, I isolate myself from social relation 80 26.6
Stigma resistance (no)
 Feel comfortable when other see my symptom of MI 55 18.3
 I am living a kind of life I want to live 207 46.6
 I can live a better life despite my MI 174 58.0
 PWMI can contribute well to the public 216 72.0
 My MI makes me be stronger in my life 101 53.7
  1. MI mental illness, PWMI patient with mental illness