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Table 3 Number of participants referring to each subtheme and total number of references to each subtheme

From: Development of mental healthcare in Cambodia: barriers and opportunities

Key theme Subtheme No. references No. participants
1. Prioritising mental health in Cambodia 1a. Ongoing development of mental healthcare 239 18
1b. Stigma 29 13
1c. Awareness and understanding of mental health 175 18
2. Strengthening collaborations between mental health stakeholders 2a. Importance of collaboration 306 18
2b. Need for a variety of multidisciplinary and holistic services 169 17
2c. Need for an integrated system of services 117 17
3. Developing a mental healthcare model appropriate for the Cambodian culture and context 3a. Impact of Cambodian context and culture on development of mental healthcare 283 18
3b. Need for a service appropriate to the Cambodian context and culture 104 17
4. Increasing the quantity of mental healthcare 4a. Inadequate funding and resources 221 18
4b. Overburdened individuals and system 68 16
5. Improving the quality of mental healthcare 5a. Quality of mental health training and service provision 326 18
5b. Professionalism and ethical issues 88 13
5c. Formal processes to improve quality 94 15