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Table 3 Implementation outcomes discussed in included records (n = 18)

From: Implementation outcomes of cognitive behavioural therapy delivered by non-specialists for common mental disorders and substance-use disorders in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review

Study Author (year) Acceptability Adoption Appropriateness Feasibility Fidelity Impl. Cost Penetration Sustainability
Thinking Healthy Peer Atif (2016)       
Atif (2017)    
Singla (2014)     
Cognitive processing therapy Bass (2013)         
Common Elements Treatment Approach Bolton (2014)      
Murray (2014)      
Friendship Bench Programme Chibanda (2016)     
Chibanda (2017)      
Healthy Activity Programme Chowdhary (2016)        
Trauma-focused CBT vs. Problem-solving therapy Dawson (2018)         
Problem Management Plus Khan (2017)       
Problem-solving therapy Munodawafa (2017)        
Nyatsanza (2016)      
Counselling for Alcohol Problems Nadkarni (2015)        
Nadkarni (2017)       
Culturally adapted group CBT Papas (2010)        
Papas (2011)        
Group intervention Tol (2008)