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Table 6 Univariate and multivariate linear regression analysis results in respondents at St Paul’s hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2014

From: Internalized stigma among patients with mood disorders in Ethiopia: a cross-sectional facility-based study

Independent variablesBivariate resultsMultivariate results
Standardized beta coefficientP-valueStandardized beta coefficientP-value
Single (reference married).204.004**.046.420
Divorce or separated (reference married).177.009**.072.123
widowed (reference married).023.730.003.946
Male (reference female)− .169.009**.026.568
Age of the patient− .200.002**.098.441
Monthly income− .236.000**− .020.681
Duration of treatment− .177.006**.011.903
Partially improved (reference fully improved).318.000**.049.333
No change (reference fully improved).192.002**.004.932
Relapse (reference fully improved).338.000**.016.755
No non adherent (reference yes non adherent)− .212.001**− .029.529
Mean of self− esteem− .635.000**− .274.000**
Mean of stigma resistance.719.000**.451.000**
Mean of WHODAS II (the 12 item).513.000**.114.078
H1(the overall disability days in the past 30 days).430.000**− .184.294
H2 (the days of total difficulty to function in the past 30 days.325.000**.144.113
H3 (the days of partial difficulty to function in the past 30 days).316.000**.202.214
Age at the onset of illness− .143.028*− .229.026*
No suicide history (reference yes)− .140.031*.025.581
  1. ** Those with P-value less than 0.01
  2. * Those with P-value less than 0.05