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Table 3 Perceived barriers and facilitators to employment of persons with mental disorders from the Nigeria Practitioners Study

From: Perspectives of mental healthcare providers on pathways to improved employment for persons with mental disorders in two lower middle-income countries

N (%)
Do you have pre-employment assessment at work?No71 (88.8)
Yes9 (11.3)
How often has pre-employment assessment affected opportunities at your workplace?Never8 (10.7)
Not applicable58 (77.3)
Sometimes9 (12.0)
Is there workplace accommodation at your workplace?No68 (85.0)
Yes12 (15.0)
What factors can enhance the job opportunities for persons with a mental disorder?Public education to reduce stigma of mental illness21 (27.3)
Early diagnosis and treatment18 (23.4)
Improved health care for persons with mental disorders6 (7.8)
Supportive work environment8 (10.4)
Family support2 (2.6)
Policy advocacy and affirmative action9 (11.7)
Formal education and training for persons with mental disorders7 (9.1)
Other6 (7.8)
Why is there no accommodation for persons with a mental disorder at your workplace?I don’t know9 (20.5)
No pre-employment assessment1 (2.3)
No provisions by employer/management9 (20.5)
Lack of awareness of its usefulness5 (11.4)
Non-disclosure of mental illness at employment2 (4.5)
Financial constraints3 (6.8)
Neglect of mental illness5 (11.4)
Other10 (22.7)
  1. In the questionnaire, the term mental disability was used to refer to mental disorder