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Table 1 General health care facilities in NMHS states (per 1,00,000 population)

From: Framework and approach for measuring performance and progress of mental health systems and services in India: National Mental Health Survey 2015–2016

Public Sector
 1. Super specialty Hospital<<< 0.01< 0.01< 0.010.04
 2. Medical college hospital0.020.030.03< 0.010.03<< 0.010.02
 3. District hospital0.
 4. Sub district/Taluka hospital0.
 5. Community health centre0.480.610.550.570.690.460.590.590.830.530.390.38
 6. Primary health centre3.293.091.991.02.551.612.971.873.052.421.750.99
 7. Sub centre14.8120.3012.0411.9916.1712.6514.7410.6421.0212.0610.2711.35
 8. Dispensaries0.820.764.742.940.704.
 9. AYUSH hospital0.
 10. AYUSH dispensaries1.464.711.351.034.733.229.871.835.661.971.002.24
 11. ESI/CGHS hospital0.
Health care facilities in public sector21.0328.9316.9614.8029.8221.1429.3719.5531.2218.0814.8215.32
Private sector
 1. Super specialty Hospital<<<
 2. Medical college hospital0< 0.010.0100.060.0100.03<< 0.01
 3. Hospital0.1217.512.250.153.440.211.053.945.070.08
 4. Nursing home0.86– – 0.320.0310.82– 2.820.08
 5. Registered clinic0.101.681.012.42
 6. Non allopathic hospital0.2800.62< 0.01
Health care facilities in private sector0.9417.523.250.163.582.522.
Health care facilities in public and private sector21.9746.4520.2114.9633.423.6631.5837.6331.2426.0414.8515.51
  1. Information for public health sector-India National Health Profile-2015; Information for private sector was provided by NMHS-State team. (–) indicate not known
  2. PB Punjab, UP Uttar Pradesh, JH Jharkhand, WB West Bengal, KL Kerala, TN Tamil Nadu, GJ Gujarat, RJ Rajasthan, AS Assam, MN Manipur, CG Chhattisgarh, MP Madhya Pradesh