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Table 4 Research priorities by research setting

From: Trends in suicide-related research in Australia

Research settingsArticlesaGrants/fellowshipsa
1999–20062010–20172 sample prop. test1999–20062010–20172 sample prop. test
Communities22.517.020.010.1− 1.830.0673.018.811.
Schools10.− 1.790.0743.− 0.230.815
Tertiary institutions5.− 0.400.6910. 1.0b
Prisons11.− 2.140.0321. 0.340b
Workplaces0. < 0.001b0. 1.0b
Primary care settings (e.g. general practice)− 1.270.2031.− 0.500.618
Emergency departments15.011.415.07.6− 1.180.2401.− 0.870.386
Mental health service settings16.− 0.540.590
Other health services41.531.432.016.2− 3.250.0014. 0.019b
Other settings1.00.839.019.75.15< 0.0010.00.07.524.2 0.089b
Total132.0100.0198.0100.0  16.0100.031.0100.0  
  1. Test results highlighted in italics mean a significant in the variable of relevance change over time
  2. aThe number of grants/fellowships and articles may not be integer due to the weighting applied in the coding
  3. bFisher’s exact test